Homeopathic treatment of asthma


The homeopathic treatment of asthma is gentle, effective and completely safe. There are no side effects with any homeopathic treatment. Side effects are a result of an overdose of the material dose of any substance.
As homeopathy uses energetic medicines, rather than material ones, no side effects are possible. Energetic medicines simply mean that they capture the energy of a substance, leaving any physical properties behind. This means that poisonous substances, such as arsenic and strychnine can be used with impunity. Oddly enough, it is these very poisonous substances which make some of the best and most versatile medicines.
Asthma is a respiratory disease characterised by spasms in the lungs or in the respiratory tracts, making it difficult to breathe. It can be a result of an allergic reaction.
Dr Buteyko, a Russian doctor, discovered after extensive research, that asthma is a reaction of the body when it has insufficient carbon dioxide. This explains the spasms. They are an attempt by your body to stop breathing momentarily, until the level rises back to normal and safe levels. Scary as this seems, it is in your best interests. Another way is to breathe into a paper bag for a few minutes. This is a little less traumatic.
The Buteyko method of treating asthma is to teach you how to safely hold your breath for increasingly longer stretches of time, so you can always deal with your asthma, whether you are in the back of beyond with no help at hand, or safely at home. There’s nothing quite like being prepared for any and every situation.
As asthma attacks can be fatal, this is a handy trick to have up your sleeve.
The homeopathic approach is rather different. Homeopaths don’t speculate on what may or may not be the reason your body does what it does. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with this. It’s just not how homeopathy works. Homeopaths simply take into consideration all your characteristic symptoms, both of your asthma (or any other illness) as well as you as an individual and unique person. The most suitable medicine is selected based on all this information. The results can be dramatic.
Expect every other ailment to resolve itself under your homeopathic treatment of asthma, including the allergy that may have been the trigger. This is because homeopathy doesn’t treat your asthma. It treats you, who happens to have asthma. There is a big, if subtle, difference.