2018 02-07

Why We Must Relax

Relaxation is so important. I know I should practice what I preach but I find it difficult to slow down and just take some time for myself, and I firmly believe that this is something I need to address in my life. I would also encourage everyone else to relax more. These days, we’re all so pressured to get everything done quickly, to move onto the next thing, to rush around from task to task, however that’s no way to enjoy life. No wonder we’re all so anxious and stressed all the time.

man lying on the grass


We all need to take a break from time to time and find ways to take time out from our hectic lifestyles.

Why do we need to relax? The trouble these days is that we are all trained to feel guilty if we take time out for ourselves. We feel that we should be working harder, trying harder, pushing ourselves more. Yet the reality is that if we don’t relax we can make ourselves ill. A surprising number of medical conditions are the result of neverending stress and tension in our lives. Stress can cripple the immune system and cause high blood pressure.

To stay well and healthy, you need to take care of yourself, and that doesn’t always just mean eating properly and taking some exercise, it also means that you need to stop pushing yourself so hard all day every day and take more time to relax and de-stress. If you can’t relax, you are putting yourself at risk of a host of problems, from more coughs, colds and cold sores to serious conditions like IBS, heart attacks, strokes and COPD.

If you can’t relax, that can also have a major impact on other elements of your life. You will probably struggle to have positive relationships with your friends and family and even your working life will suffer.

One of the problems is that we are often unaware of how we’re working against ourselves if we become tense and strained. Yet both of these things restrict us mentally and physically.

Think about your body when you’re feeling tense. You probably weren’t aware of it until now, but your jaw will be clenched, your voice will be strained, your whole physicality will be tight and restricted. The only way to prevent this from happening is to be aware that you have tightened up your body and only then can you fully relax and release the tension.

It’s hard to know how to relax, however, sometimes it’s just as easy as breathing. Taking the time to focus on your breath coming in and out slowly will help to center you and to keep you in the moment so that you can let the tension go.

Sometimes, you can express the noise that’s going on in your head outwardly. You can do it in a number of ways, whether it be taking an audible breath, laughing, crying, shouting or screaming, sometimes the only way to really let go is to make some noise and release all of that inner tension.

happy family

Try to establish a relaxation routine. Take some time out and do nothing. Read a calming book. Listen to some music. Just take some time to put your feet up and chill out. Your body will thank you for it.

2018 02-11

Extra Unwinding

I’m one of the most anxious people that I know. I always seem to be stressed about one thing or another and I really struggle to let go and just relax. I’ve tried all kinds of things from yoga to mindfulness with varying results, but I still tend to get quite anxious in all kinds of situations.

Social situations are especially difficult, and when I go to parties I find that it’s really difficult to just de-stress and enjoy myself. So, when I went to a friend’s house a few months ago for a party I was feeling distinctly tense. I know from experience that parties aren’t always my favorite thing. I tend to worry about what to say to people so when everyone was vaping dry herbs I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about giving it ago. I’m not very good at new experiences, however, I’m so glad I tried it.

We were passing around a vaporizer with dry herbs in it, and I felt really relaxed and de-stressed for the first time in months. It was amazing. I’ve decided that I really want to invest in a dry herb vaporizer of my own so that I can relax in the comfort of my own home.

The problem is, I don’t know which kind to get. As I’m a complete beginner I don’t want anything too complicated, I just want to be able to load it up and get vaping straight away. I asked my friend where I should look for information and she pointed me towards vapesupply.pro. There was plenty of information there about starter kits which was great since I just wanted a basic set with everything I needed to get started.

I started reading about the various starter kits out there to choose one which comes highly recommended. I’ve heard bad things in the press about dangerous vaporizers that explode or overheat and I don’t want to take any risks – after all, that won’t help me to stay calm!

I need a vaping device that is safe, reliable and which has lots of satisfied customers. In the end, I came up with the following two devices.

V2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro Series 7

This is a versatile device which offers plenty of bang for the buck while still being really user-friendly. With a wide body, it has plenty of capacity and offers a great level of performance while being optimized for use with dry herb. Despite that, it can still be used with e-liquids and waxes for extra variety. The battery is a 1800mAh which is powerful enough for all day use and it’s easy to load with herb.

As another advantage, it can fit easily into a pocket and can be carried anywhere thanks to its compact design. It also offers variable temperature and voltage settings for more personal customization. There are 3 different vape levels and it heats quickly in just 30 seconds. It’s really simple to change cartridges thanks to the magnetic connections and the system is automated so it recognized which cartridge is in use immediately. Producing plenty of flavor and vapor, this is an impressive device that even comes with extra accessories like a scraper tool and brush. On the downside, though, the wax cartridge has to be bought separately and it’s also quite expensive.

Davinci IQ

Davinci IQ

While this model is pretty expensive, it’s a great starter kit for plenty of control and customization. Perfect for people like me who want to vape herbs, it offers lots of precision with modes to suit all preferences when it comes to temperature. It even connects to a Bluetooth App, so that it can be controlled from your smartphone which is amazing. The buttons are easy to use and as everything is very intuitive, it’s fine for a beginner like me. Heating rapidly in just 16 seconds, this device offers a delicious flavor and plenty of vapor thanks to the ceramic airway while the secondary chamber makes the flavor even smoother.

With its compact size, it’s easy to take out and about, and with its replaceable battery, there’s no need to worry about running out of power while on the go. It’s quick and easy to care for and it even comes in a choice of 4 finishes. On the downside though, it can’t be used with e-juices or wax and it can’t really be used effectively without a smartphone to hand.Then again, I might want to choose a box mod apparently, and I’ve been told to check this page to find out more. It could be a while before I make my decision!

2018 02-09

To Get a Pet

I have read a lot recently about how having a pet can really help you to relax and de-stress. In fact, many hospitals and care homes now have people who take animals to visit the patients to help them to feel less anxious.

man kissing a dog


I’m quite interested in the idea of getting a cat or a small dog to keep me company during the evenings, however, I’m not sure yet whether I’m ready to take the plunge.

Some of the books that I’ve read have pointed out the many advantages of getting a pet including the companionship and bond that you can feel with a furry friend, not to mention the additional exercise from playtime and walks. Yet there are other reasons why getting a pet can help your well-being.

Pets are known to lower cholesterol levels, especially in the case of dogs since going on daily walks keeps them in check. Pets are also famous for relieving stress, in fact just being in a room with an animal can have a surprisingly calming effect as oxytocin, a power chemical in the brain is released when looking at pets, and cortisol, the stress hormone, is decreased. There have even been documented cases of people with PTSD who were unable to leave the house until they got a dog and then their life as returned back to normal. Since I’m always on the lookout for new relaxation techniques, I’m very interested in this aspect of pet ownership.

Pets are also known to possibly reduce blood pressure and to boost fitness levels. Dog walkers are much more fit than other people who go for regular walks and can walk up to 300 minutes every week. Dog owners have a 54% greater chance of meeting weekly recommended physical activity levels. People who have pets also have a reduced chance of developing cardiovascular disease while those who already have it have a much better recovery rate.

For those who have children, pets can prevent the occurrence of allergies and asthma and for those who suffer from depression, pets are the ideal social support, helping to improve well-being by boosting self-esteem and feelings of competence and autonomy. As pet can give unconditional acceptance and love that so many people crave in the modern world.

Even sufferers of chronic pain find that their lives are easier when they stroke their pet since endorphins are released which relieve pain, and when it comes to relationships, it has been proven that pet owners have more connection in their personal relationships and also have stronger bonds to their community. Younger people who have pets in the home are more likely to be empathetic and confident, taking on roles that involve leadership.

man petting his dog


As another added advantage, pets can monitor changes in health, and this has been proven in cases of diabetes where dogs are able to detect that their owner’s sugar level is low even before they can. Since pets have no agenda and won’t ever judge, they boost their owner’s self-esteem and bring families closer together. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s time to start looking for my furry companion!